Is MOVE ahead of SAM?

By James Bennett

Congratulations to the committee that has made the Museum of Vehicle Evolution become a reality.

Predictions are construction to the $5.35 million 10,000 sq m expansion might start by the end of the month.

Upon viewing the fly-through video provided by MOVE, it looks a real winner.

The designs show a car lovers’ dream and can easily be targeted for all demographics with its historic memorabilia.

The upgraded modern-designed facade looks outstanding and that will attract visitors into the museum.

As MOVE is based at Emerald Bank Kialla, the facade will be one of the first attractions for those travelling north.

Unfortunately, this project has flown a little under the radar in the public eye for several reasons.

One reason is the money. Without money, the project couldn’t really go ahead.

And that’s not the committee’s fault. It had spent years advocating — with a lot of success — to raise money for the project.

The last piece of the puzzle was confirmed last week when the Victorian Government provided $900,000 that can allow MOVE to green light construction.

But when it comes to the radar test, the biggest elephant in the room is what’s been built at Victoria Park Lake.

There’s no denying the new Shepparton Art Museum has been the talking point of Greater Shepparton.

Since the last local government elections in 2016, SAM is easily top three council topics/projects. Highly likely number one.

Even the News wrote more stories on SAM than MOVE in that time. And probably continue to do so.

SAM costs more than MOVE, it’s based in a central location and has had its fair share of division among ratepayers; you’re either pro-SAM or anti-SAM.

There's a high chance you would see less division among ratepayers with attitudes towards MOVE.

A strong argument could be made MOVE will have wider demographic of visitors than SAM.

But until both are completed and operating for at least five years, we won't know the answer.

MOVE provides an additional bonus for Greater Shepparton as it will be the major motor-based museum in the Goulburn Valley.

There are a handful across Echuca, Mathoura and recently opened The Depot in Deniliquin but cannot compete in the shear scale.

MOVE is going to be a gem for the region and no doubt many readers are thrilled construction is close to starting.