The laughing Australian biscuit

By James Bennett

Tim Tams are widely considered the number one choccy bickie in Australia — but why?

Who can forget Teddy Bears, Oreos, Chocolate Scotch Fingers, Mint Slice, Royales and Monte?

Oreos are from the United States but they are popular so they're on the list. Kind of like how Red Rooster is home-grown however it's safe to say McDonald's is the number one fast food in Australia.

Tim Tams are good but are they really the best? In reality there is another biscuit that's completely overlooked by society: Kooka's.

Like most biscuit brands, there are variations on a Kooka's cookie — but the chocolate and raspberry jam reigns supreme.

If you've never tried a Kooka's cookie, you need to give it a go; they're underrated.

A Kooka's cookie is similar to those Viennese shortbread fingers that are filled with jam and dipped in chocolate — but bigger — and are just as good.

From the first bite a Kooka's cookie (with the chocolate and raspberry jam) won't set the world on fire but you can get used to them quickly.

Last week, I polled the editorial department about them and a majority of the journalists had never heard of them.

Of those who had tried them, one reporter described them as a "hotel biscuit" and another said "it didn't change" her life.

It is true, a Kooka's cookie does have its flaws. For one, the phrase "hotel biscuit" is quite on the money and they are usually a little more expensive than other brands

And according to the News editorial department only people over the age of 40 love Kooka's cookies.

Above all, probably the biggest issue with Kooka's is the branding on its packing. It's a little dated and screams 1970s, but it's see-through so you can tell if any are broken before buying.

But It's easy to understand why Tim Tams are loved by Aussies. They have a good reputation and are pure chocolate — so what's not to like?

There's different types of Tim Tams, such as coffee, white chocolate or even pineapple.

But, like a Kooka's cookies, the Tim Tam also has its flaws. Contrary to widespread belief, a Tim Tim is not ideal for dunking in tea.

That vital win goes to a Chocolate Scotch Finger, while for milk dunking it has to be an Oreo, largely thanks to successful marketing.

Don't go dunking a Kooka's cookie into any sort of liquid.

Maybe the reason Kooka's cookies are underrated is because it's hard to get your hands on a packet.

Next time you're at the supermarket, have a look for them; you'll usually find them on the bottom self.

Unlike other brands of biscuits, there will be just one box, and if there's none left it could be a couple of days before you see them restocked.

But patience is a virtue, and yours will be rewarded if you can get your hands on a packet of Kooka's.