Letter to the editor on coal - Rodney Champness

By Reader Contributed

Rodney Champness


I read with interest Amanda Hocking’s letter to the editor in Thursday's News, 'How to be kind to the planet'.

I agree with most of her submissions; however, I find her item two, Use energy wisely, not completely consistent.

Saying virtually that we need to get rid of coal is being a bit short-sighted.

Our coal goes overseas to the likes of China where it is used to power many of their power stations, as well as being used indirectly to make solar panels, which use quite a bit of aluminium.

Note Alcoa at Portland uses something like 15 per cent of Victoria's electricity to smelt aluminium.

Over millennia our climate has changed, both being hotter and colder than it currently is. The eruption of Krakatoa caused the weather to change worldwide for some time — humans didn’t cause that. I have heard it said that historical weather records are being manipulated to suit the scenario of us causing all the climate warming.

We have become very much a consumer society and as Amanda says it is the spend, spend, spend society with enormous waste the byproduct of this.

Take a note, for example, of the ever increasing size of our vehicles — they often can’t fit into the parking spaces at the supermarkets.

Our homes have become bigger too, having gone from around 12 squares to around 30 squares.

The government has legislated that dwellings have to have a certain star rating. Back a year or two, my wife and I visited a new housing estate where it was boasted that there was a six-star house on display.

We visited on a hot day and it was quite pleasant inside but there were three refrigerated air conditioners going full bore to keep it pleasant inside — hardly what a six-star dwelling should need. The design of the dwelling appeared to comply with a six-star rating but it was orientated on the block so it became perhaps a two-star dwelling.

Our cities and towns are becoming bigger with strains on our infrastructure, roads, power, water, gas, telecommunications, parks, hospitals, police, ambulance and fire services. Do we really need to be getting bigger? I think not. Do we need to have such a large immigration input?

Overcrowding in other countries and wars have caused many to want to leave their countries. Overcrowding is largely due to high population growth and really, can the world support such growth? I rather doubt it, but others with selfish agendas want increased population here and overseas to suit their agendas.

These are just a few extra thoughts to add to Amanda’s on this important matter.