Letter to the editor - Amanda Hocking

By Reader Contributed

Amanda Hocking

Kialla West

I would like to applaud your ongoing articles asking our local politicians to voice their opinions and initiatives on climate change.

Suzanna Sheed's thoughts were most welcome and I look forward to hearing the others speak up.

It appears what we need is action — and now.

I was influenced by Rob McLean's article on the same day and to that end I submit a short list.

Most people need a bit of guidance and I hope this helps. Here are five easy and powerful ways to cuddle our planet.

1. Support each other.

As a community we have amazing power and any number greater than one is a community.

Try thinking less about you on your own and more about community.

Start with your family members and build from there.

If we start talking and sharing what we know with family and friends, we can change the future of our world.

2. Use energy wisely.

Australians, along with Canadians, are the biggest users of coal-driven electricity per person.

Remember as a child you were told to “turn off the lights”.

See how small you can make your power bill.

Support and use renewable energy.

Right now, the Federal Government believes we all want coal power and the disastrous effects that go with it.

Speak up and say what you really want.

If you can’t own solar or wind power search online for energy providers who do.

Invest in shares that promote renewable energy.

3. Eat for the future.

Eat better quality but smaller and locally grown meat meals.

Buy local and/or organically grown food.

Eat seasonal foods whenever possible. Don’t waste food. Maybe try to grow your own — it can be very rewarding.

4. Think about how to travel wisely.

Personal travel creates 24 per cent of Australia’s emissions.

Try to limit use of your car to necessary journeys rather than as a form of entertainment.

Car pooling and sharing can be enjoyable as well as economical.

Bike travel is great for your health and the planet.

Fly less. Maybe choose a local holiday — Australia has so much to see.

Use technology to communicate across kilometres. If you must fly, remember to carbon offset.

5. Consume and use less.

We have long been told to spend, spend, spend and that our economy relies on consumerism.

It does not have to be so.

And recycling is only a small part of the answer.

Start with refusing to buy products that are heavily packaged. Aim for quality products that last, not more products; so much of what we use briefly then discard is toxic to us and our environment.

Try enjoying your life through experiences rather than by accumulating ‘stuff'.