Stop tree felling now

By Shepparton News

It's concerning there's illegal tree felling in Mooroopna.

Now is the time to be preserving our naturally wonderful landscape in the Goulburn Valley.

It was only a few weeks ago we watched in agony and horror at the site of the beautiful Amazon Rainforest bushfires.

It holds 20 per cent of the world's oxygen and although the trees in Mooroopna don't have the same impact these actions of destroying and cutting down trees illegally must stop.

Many of the trees in the region have been standing for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The trees have endured bushfires, heavy rain and drought so it's incredibly disheartening to have them destroyed with the slice of a blade.

People come to the Goulburn Valley for a variety of reason but one is certainly the picturesque beauty.

There's something special about seeing the lush yellow canola with a lone tree sitting in the middle of the field.

We applaud the residents who came forward to inform the community of what was allegedly occurring.

Not only are is this hurting the flora but also the habitats of native animals.

One resident told The News of a the colony of sugar gliders that use the dead red gums as homes.

These animals do have the ability to adapt but when their homes and breeding grounds are destroyed it limits their skills.

No animals deserves to lose its habitat on the back of human destruction.

The Goulburn Valley isn't a rainforest in the Philippines so it shouldn't be brought down to the same level of disrespect.

Hopefully Parks Victoria can catch the people  tree felling or have the presence to prevent from more trees being chopped down.

We strongly encourage anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity to instantly contact Parks Victoria 13 19 63.