More tree inspections

By James Bennett

Greater Shepparton City Council might need to reconsider how often it checks its trees.

It is one of those conundrums: we complain if it costs more to increase assessments of trees or we complain there were not enough checks when a serious incidents occurs.

No-one deserves to die because of a freak accident such as in Melbourne last month when a women going for a simple morning run was killed by a falling tree.

Thankfully no-one was injured or killed in the Welsford St car park last week but pictures of the incident show they certainly could have been.

Checking Facebook when we broke the story last week, many people said they do not park in that area near Princess Park because they fear the gum trees will fall on their cars.

No ratepayer should fear parking in a local area because of potentially unsafe trees.

It is pleasing to see council inspected all surrounding trees near the site of the incident — and hopefully did an emergency investigation on all other council-owned trees.

- James Bennett