Zero waste goal for region

By Ashlea Witoslawski

The zero waste movement is fighting plastic pollution in a positive way and is something that should be embraced by our community. 

As the war on single-use plastic bags rages on and the chance of being handed a plastic straw at bar or restaurant decreases by the minute, it is important that attitudes continue to change. 

According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians have used up to 10 million plastic bags every day, of which about 150 million end up in our oceans and waterways each year. This contributes to an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean every year.

But it's not only plastic bags that are not disposed of properly, it's plastic waste on the whole. 

National Geographic reported in June 2018 that of all plastic ever produced, more than 90 per cent has never been recycled.

Sometimes the problem feels overwhelming and too huge for one person to make an impact on, which leads many of us to take no action at all. 

The News is delighted to see a local business rise to the challenge, showing the community that it is possible to use less plastic. 

It is also encouraging to learn that the initiative has been well received by the community during its first days, with many taking their jars and containers along to purchase goods.

Greater Shepparton has a strong commitment to recycling, as evident in the rise of Boomerang Bags across the region and a number of community groups consistently advocating for the cause. 

The war on waste does not need to be an all-or-nothing approach. Every little bit helps and eventually those changes will become habits not only for you as an individual but also for those around you. 

We can never underestimate the power of persuasion, especially when it comes to protecting the environment.