Letter to editor: Goulburn River health works needed

By Shepparton News

Bill O'Kane


On today’s market, environmental flows of 7000 Ml per day has a market value of $30 million per week. 

The real question is not whether an environmental flow of 7000 Ml per day is good for the Goulburn River, but whether $30 million per week can be better spent on other measures to improve the health of the Goulburn and its tributaries.

Flows are just one aspect of river health. Water quality, riparian and wetland health, channel stability etc are all important elements of river health.  An investment of $30 million/week on the Goulburn for works that deliver on these elements of river health will deliver a better “bang for the buck” environmentally.  

The regional economy will also get a boost from the:

- Economic activity associated with a river health works program; and

- Increased agricultural output.

A win for the environment and the economy is what I call a win-win solution.