Video | Watch the full candidates’ forum

Nicholls electorate candidates forum for Federal Election 2022. Nine of the 11 candidates faced questions from moderators Lindy Nieuwenhuizen, Committee for Greater Shepparton CEO, and Darren Linton, Shepparton News chief correspondent. Photo by Murray Silby

Watch the full video of the candidates’ forum, which was hosted by the Committee for Greater Shepparton and the News.

Nine candidates spoke at the forum, which was hosted by Committee for Greater Shepparton chief executive Lindy Nieuwenhuizen and News chief correspondent Darren Linton.

The Nationals’ Sam Birrell, the Liberals’ Steve Brooks and independent Rob Priestly were in attendance and shared equal time with One Nation’s Rikkie Tyrrell, Labor’s Bill Lodwick, Australian Citizens Party’s Jeff Davy, United Australia Party’s Rob Peterson, the Greens’ Ian Christoe and Fusion Party’s Andrea Otto.

Australian Federation Party’s Eleonor Tabone wasn’t in attendance, nor was the Liberal Democrats’ Tim Laird.