Shepparton Christian College walked, rolled and stumbled a mile in their shoes

Together as one: Grade 4 students Amir Matthews and Jack Mallon, both aged 10.

For those driving past Shepparton Christian College on Thursday, June 16, it would’ve been a sight to see.

Students and teachers covered 1km in any which way they physically could without walking, inspired by ‘Captain’ Tobias Weller.

All the way from England, the 11-year-old has made headlines across the globe but captured the eye of Shepparton Christian College’s Deb Spencer long ago.

The young boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism at the age of three, he struggled to walk even 50m per day, but worked his way up to walk a marathon over the span of a year and completed an ironman challenge all while raising funds for charities.

Tobias has encouraged others to participate by hopping, skipping, crawling — anything but your average stroll — as a fundraising challenge.

Shepparton Christian College marketing and communications officer Kristen Doherty said a highlight was seeing a staff member complete an “incredible feat”.

“One of our teachers carried a 20kg weighted vest and did lunges for the distance,” she said.

“It was wonderful, students participated in various forms — many were tied together with shoelaces, one was in a wheelchair, some were blindfolded.”

The school raised money for Shepparton organisation The Resource Information Support and Education Centre to go towards resources for the local community.

With a goal of $250, Ms Doherty said the school was beyond impressed to have raised $551.

“We hope to do it again next year and build on it as we go,” she said.

Up high: Jack Dunn, 5, in Foundation, sitting on the shoulders of Year 11 student Maddie King, 17.
Piggy back: Bernard Gallantes, 14, in Year 9, carrying Josiah Moore, 15, in Year 9.
Hip, hop, hooray: Jack Rendevski, 6, in Foundation, hopping his way to the end.
Going the distance: Josephine Evans, 17, in Year 12.
Strong: Ben McGowan, 16, carrying fellow Year 10 student Joshua Reid, 15.
Egg and spoon: Derek Luo, 7, in Grade 2, concentrates hard.
Stilts: Grade 1 student Lucy Bolton, 6.
On shoulders: T’shuva Scanlan, 12, carrying Faitele Scanlan, 8.
Balancing act: Lucy Bolton, 6, in Grade 1.
On board: Amani Ngando, 10, in Grade 5, giving Foundation student Rui Dai, 5, a lift.
Wheelbarrow: Year 8 student Thomas Bull, 13, carrying Oscar Seiter, 13.