Seymour Performers Workshop takes on production of Biblical proportion

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Rehearsal: Seymour Performers Workshop members in rehearsal. The group is supporting the development of the original musical production iMPERFECT Messiah.

If you have ever thought musical theatre lacked a contemporary/pop interpretation of the story of David and Goliath, then your day hath cometh.

Seymour Performers Workshop is supporting the development of an original musical production called iMPERFECT Messiah.

Written by Beth Mondragon Williams with music by Sean Hutton and contributions from Altiyan Childs, Kasing Sining, Miguel Hutton and B.M. Williams, the epic show is based on the tale of David and Goliath.

Production: iMPERFECT Messiah will be a contemporary/pop interpretation of the story of David and Goliath.

The production has been developed over a number of years via a series of workshops and table readings held in both Australia and the Philippines.

Ms Williams was executive director of broadcast and film at the Philippine Educational Theatre Association before migrating to the Northern Territory in 1990. There she had a prolific 24-year career in professional and community theatre, dance and multicultural arts.

She is now based in Whiteheads Creek, east of Seymour, and excited to be working with local creatives to continue the development of this new work.

“The process will include an audition-workshop session on Sunday, July 3, followed by a short, intensive rehearsal period of approximately seven rehearsals, culminating in a staged reading performance on Saturday, August 27,” Ms Williams said.

“If you’re an actor and vocalist who would like to be involved in the creative process of developing a musical from the ground up, we’re keen to hear from you.”

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