Oddie embraces the past

By Oddie
Historic: The News building, with the photo taken between 1895 and 1897 by Wall Brothers photographers. Photo by Sate Library of Victoria

Oddie is getting into the spirit and celebrating the 145th birthday of the News.

Here we were, in the late 1890s, standing out the front of a fine brick facade on High St.

There isn’t much information to accompany the photo, with the State Library recording it as:

Group of men, some in suits, two in long white aprons, standing at doorway of brick building, broken pediment at roofline, Shepparton News painted on architrave below pediment.

Oddie reckons somebody will be able to identify the printers in the photograph.

Bring it back

Romantic: Lovers’ Walk in Victoria Park, Shepparton.

Oddie is a bit old for parking up the HQ on a remote track but this Lovers’ Lane predates the invention of the panel van.

In fact, this isn’t a lane at all, it is Lovers’ Walk, captured beautifully for a 1906 postcard.

It was taken by Percy Hume but was part of a much bigger postcard operation.

There are dozens of Lovers’ Walk images from around Victoria; Oddie’s favourite is Nagambie, which just shows the lake.

Lovers would really be floating on air attempting that walk.

Oddie suspects it never really existed, but it would be nice to have one, even if it was only to walk your dog.