‘Boys don’t intimidate me’: Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell is currently only female candidate for Nicholls

Federal election: Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell is the One Nation candidate for Nicholls. Photo by Megan Fisher

Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell, 39, is the One Nation candidate for federal seat of Nicholls in this year’s federal election, and is aiming to push for new water and immigration policies.

She brought One Nation to the electorate in 2019 and has been the candidate for the party since.

Mrs Tyrrell wanted to get into politics because of her experiences as a dairy farmer the past 16 years and said she was passionate about speaking up about issues in the area.

“I think that if you're not going to actively try to fix something, then you’re a part of the problem,” she said.

“That could be as basic as paying attention to how you vote.”

She has been married for 16 years and has two children in primary school.

Before farming with her family at Invergordon, Ms Tyrrell lived in Wagga Wagga until she was 14, then moved to Bermagui where she completed her secondary education at Narooma High School.

For a while she worked as a night-time cook and was a full-time real estate agent at the same time.

She is currently the only female candidate for the Nicholls electorate and said it was liberating to provide more diverse gender representation.

“Boys don’t intimidate me at all, I don’t let gender get in the way, that’s for sure,” she said.

Mrs Tyrrell is also a Wiradjuri woman, making her currently the only First Nations candidate in the race for Nicholls.

However, she does not have any policies surrounding First Nations issues and said she was “not sure” if there was a difference between those who were and were not Traditional Owners.

“I suppose it just depends on the individual perspective, I don’t think there is a gap (between First Nations and non-First Nations people),” she said.

One Nation has a net-zero policy on immigration and aims to reduce the number of refugees.

“Resources are so stretched at the moment, I do think we need to cut back on our immigration,” Mrs Tyrrell said.

While she acknowledged the contributions of migrants and refugees, she was concerned about the “headcount” of people and their impact on housing and employment.

Mrs Tyrrell has been a part of making new water policies for One Nation.

“We want to start chipping away at the foreign ownership of water,” she said.

“Our water management personally is to blame for what happens here — there’s been water and it rains, we’ve just got to manage it properly.”

However, Mrs Tyrrell opposed climate change policies and their impact on water issues and the environment.

“I just deny that humans have the influence over it (climate change) and we can fix it by paying taxes,” she said.

Mrs Tyrrell was also hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine — she has not received any doses and does not support the vaccine mandate.

She has a group of volunteers helping with her election campaign.

Mrs Tyrrell declined to provide further details about her campaign manager for privacy reasons.