Art projected in to Shepparton from around the world

The projections on the Shepparton Art Museum's façade are big in every sense - but they're about to get bigger.

The COVID Collaborations artwork, now on show, by Nathalia-based artist William Kelly is the result of a lifetime of connections made with artists across the globe.

From his Nathalia studio Mr Kelly sent out a drawing of a bridge with flying birds to 28 fellow international artists and invited them to add to the picture with their own images and colours.

The result is a revolving series of images sent from places as diverse as India, Tehran, Casablanca, Edinburgh, New York, Oklahoma, Melbourne and Picola.

Mr Kelly said he was inspired by the theme of collaboration and unity in a time of separation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My original artwork of a bridge is about separateness, which invites building connections,” he said.

He said other artists had responded in an inspiring variety of ways.

“For some it was about the COVID issue, such as the artists from New York which was so badly affected. Others were about communities creating safe places to live. Other responses included issues such as Black Lives Matter and indigenous cultures which came to the fore during last year's pandemic,” Mr Kelly said.

Mr Kelly collaborated with his artist wife Veronica on one image.

He said the whole project took about four months to complete.

“Every time an artwork arrived via email - it was like Christmas. We would look at it and think ‘isn't that just wonderful’," he said.

Mr Kelly's projections have been on show in a corner of the north-facing SAM wall for about two weeks. This weekend however, a new set of projections by art-technology duo PluginHuman are set to take up the entire SAM north wall from Friday to Sunday.

This artwork was set to be shown at the cancelled Unify the Senses event at the multi-deck carpark in Stewart St, Shepparton.