Zero Carbon Tatura powering the town's eco-push

Tatura is transitioning towards a greener future.

Zero Carbon Tatura (ZCT), a recently formed sustainability-driven group, is in hot pursuit of lowering the area’s carbon footprint by 2030.

Through the implementation of a Zero Carbon Transition Plan, the group – consisting of Leeane Button, Marisa O’Halloran, Graeme Oakes, Rob McLean and Terry Court – has a vision for shifting fossil fuel consumption to renewable energy sources and more.

And by doing so, residents, businesses and industry can expect to save money, while also mitigating the effects of climate change.

As the group’s convenor, Mr Court ran The News through its checklist for 2030.

“Our vision is that the community of Tatura in 2030 will have transitioned to a low-carbon economy through low-carbon emission industries and primary production, adopted best management practise in energy efficiency,” he said.

“(Also to have) universal access to low cost, equitable renewable energy, embodied sustainable living practices in all facets of community activity and developments that are fit for purpose for the remainder of the 21st century and develop a community model of harmony, cooperation and sharing.”

Securing a sustainability grant from Greater Shepparton City Council will expedite the group’s aim.

With funds to be utilised to implement the group’s development plan, project manager Marisa O’Halloran touched on how ZCT intends to kick-start the movement.

“The sustainability grant is letting us focus on communication, development of our website, print and online media as well as organising a launch event,” she said.

“We want to really bring the community into the conversation as we journey through the development of the plan.”

While a launch event is pencilled in for April 22, ZCT isn’t resting on its laurels.

Planning to cover various themes aligned with its motive, Mr Court is keen to crack on with initiatives as soon as possible.

“Our themes include energy, transport, waste, buildings, agriculture, land use and industry,” he said.

“We’ll be working through all those themes and making sure everything that comes through we’re made aware of and then we can take further action.”

And though Tatura is in the group’s name, initiatives won't necessarily stop at the town's borders.

Mr Court noted reinstating the loss of carbon in soil throughout the wider area was at the heart of the ZCT operation.

“What this is targeting is not only Tatura, but the immediate 3616 post code,” he said.

“We want to work in harmony with projects that are going to sequent carbon into the landscape.

“We’ve lost two thirds of carbon in our soil since wide occupation - essentially destroying our land - so we have to get that carbon back.”

While working as an advocacy and action group, ZCT also doubles as an educational tool.

Looking through the prism of climate change, Mr Court said the group wishes to open the conversation of environmental awareness throughout Tatura and its surrounds.

“We’re all about building partners. It’s a matter of keeping an eye out for things that might come along,” he said.

“It’s a big picture thing that we’re trying to do, but we’re trying to keep people aware, so they feel confident talking about energy efficiency in their home.”

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