Beach colours and flavours

By John Lewis

Winners of the revamped 2020 Furphy Literary Awards were announced last month after more than 1000 entries were received from across Australia and overseas. During the next few weeks, The News will publish the winners in the youth and junior short story and poetry categories. Today, we feature a poem by Goulburn Valley Grammar School student Layla O'Callaghan, which won third prize in the Youth Poetry category.

By Layla O’Callaghan

Lemonade is the salt
That dries on my cheeks,
And drifts, like glitter
To the sunlit beach.
It’s the spit of the foam and the howl of the wind.
The soar of a spirit, a breeze that sings.

Strawberry pink is the light
That splits up the sky.
It is the smile that rises,
And falls with a sigh.
The flush of pink upon cheeks,
blooms with the cold and frosty weeks.

Bubblegum blue is the waters hue,
Tickling dry shores.
Waves bounce, and tug against the sand.
Ice cream slips from its perch upon the cone
And falls into the water,
Bubblegum blue.

Hazelnut brown is the desired
Colour of sunkissed skin.
But alas, the sun hides
Behind clouds,
Too shy, to kiss
Cold swimmers with the warmth
Of the sky.

Liquorice black
Is the sleek, majestic ray,
That prowls beneath the pier by the bay.
It is the rolling black, of the stormy clouds,
A lightning crack, thunder sounds.