Knight Street Multi-Aged Learning thanks emergency workers with new sign

By Madi Chwasta

Knight Street Multi-Age Learning has shown its gratitude to all emergency workers with a new sign out the front of the centre.

The sign features a doctor/nurse, firefighter, SES volunteer, police officer, soldier and paramedic alongside a 'thank you' message.

Centre director Erin Tracey said the sign design took a couple of weeks to get right because the team wanted to make sure all emergency workers were perfectly represented.

"We wanted them all to look the same, and we didn't want to miss any emergency worker," Ms Tracey said.

"We just really appreciate what they do."

The sign was an immediate hit with staff and the children, who all dressed up as their favourite emergency worker to celebrate.

"The staff and all the families love any type of dressing up, and they usually do it well," Ms Tracey said.

The wider community has shown its appreciation, too — after Ms Tracey posted a photo of the sign on the centre's Facebook page, Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad responded with a message of gratitude.

"None of us do what we do for any accolades, but gee it is so special when something like this is done for us by our community," Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad said.

And the sign will be showering accolades on emergency workers for years to come.

"It’s permanent — it’s not going anywhere," Ms Tracey said.