Employers required to notify WorkSafe of positive COVID-19 case

By Liz Mellino

Greater Shepparton employers are now required to notify WorkSafe immediately when they become aware a worker has tested positive to COVID-19.

The new regulations, made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, aim to assist WorkSafe in reducing the risks to health and safety in the workplace arising from coronavirus.

Timely notification of potential workplace transmission is critical for effective management of related health and safety risks and the prompt investigation of potential breaches of employer duties.

People who are self-employed are also required to inform WorkSafe immediately if they receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis if they have attended their workplace during the infectious period.

The infectious period begins on the date 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms or a confirmed diagnosis — whichever comes first — until the day the person receives clearance from isolation from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Failing to notify WorkSafe can lead to fines of up to $39,652 for an individual or $198,264 for a body corporate.

The new regulations will remain in place for 12 months.

To notify WorkSafe of a positive coronavirus diagnosis, employers or self-employed persons should call the WorkSafe advisory service on 132 360.