Unveil your inner beauty at Chocolate Lily Creations

By Liam Nash

The chocolate lily is a flower which shines radiantly through the most adverse conditions.

For Caroline French, this simple but powerful analogy has stuck with her for 20 years, and forms the underlying message behind her new business launched on July 28 — Chocolate Lily Creations.

Providing acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Ms French's service is centred around aiding personal growth in order to lead a fulfilled life.

So, where does ‘creations’ come into play?

Ms French believes through telehealth, the lid can be lifted on mental health to create a more enriched individual.

“I am a big believer in taking responsibility for our own personal growth,” she said.

“I have sought out people in my life when I have needed them, people who could be trusted, who had life experience, who have fostered wisdom, who have listened and provided perspective and I am incredibly grateful to those people.

“But I know how hard it was sometimes to find those people.

“In setting up Chocolate Lily Creations, I am wanting to provide the opportunity for individuals who are also seeking someone to help them develop the skills to stay on track in the journey to the life that matters most to them.”

As an experienced professional of more than 30 years in the healthcare industry, Ms French has built a bank of knowledge surrounding the practice of assisting people overcome their personal battles.

And there is no definition or limitation to those who can access the benefits of ACT.

She advocates the power of the therapy for the purpose of grabbing a foothold on life when it throws up challenges, no matter the shape or size.

“At times parenting can be incredibly stressful, buttons get pushed frequently, and we find that we are responding in ways that we don’t feel great about later.

“I have listened to many parents share their worries, grief, frustration and heartache.

“ACT skills can assist parents, so they then can do what is required to emotionally coach their young people.

“I am also aware of the benefit of learning ACT skills for new graduates or people starting out in their careers.

“You are on such a sharp learning curve and having ACT skills would benefit young professionals to handle stress, anxiety and disappointment.”

More information and how to submit your interest can be found at: