Mobility scooter stolen from 62-year-old Shepparton veteran

By Charmayne Allison

A Shepparton army veteran and RSL volunteer has lost her key mode of transportation after her mobility scooter was stolen by "low-lifes" earlier this week.

Marcia Glenwright, 62, depends on the Monarch scooter to get around, having suffered pain in her knees since the late 1980s after serving in the army for six years.

The maroon scooter was stolen from Ms Glenwright's unit on Erskine St, Shepparton, between about 5.30 pm Sunday and 3.30 pm Monday.

She had stored it under the carport, between her car and the fence, where it was covered by a curtain and barely visible from the road.

Since undergoing knee surgery in May, Ms Glenwright has been staying with Shepparton RSL wellbeing officer Sandy Davis, with whom she volunteers.

The scooter was still in the carport when the pair stopped by Ms Glenwright's unit on Sunday.

But when they returned the next day, it had vanished.

And Ms Glenwright has just three words for the thieves: "How dare you.”

While she was shocked by the theft, Ms Glenwright said she couldn't help but laugh when she realised the thieves had taken the scooter without the keys or a charger.

“So they have no way to drive it, it is completely useless to them and they'll have to push it everywhere,” she said.

“But now, I'm without a scooter.”

Ms Glenwright has had trouble with her knees since her six-year stint as a driver in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport, posted to Brisbane and Melbourne.

“There's a lot of running around in boots and jumping out of trucks — it takes its toll on a soldier's knees,” she said.

Her condition has kept her from driving, and she has been unable to work since 1990.

Ms Glenwright bought the scooter four years ago and has used it consistently as the pain in her knees has increased.

Although her recent knee reconstruction was successful, the scooter is still Ms Glenwright's primary mode of transportation.

“I've been depending on Sandy to help me get around,” she said.

“I was hoping to get the scooter up and running again after my surgery, so I could get around without her. But now it's gone.”

It has been an eventful year for Ms Glenwright — she was sitting in her unit in April when its ageing ceiling suddenly caved in.

While she escaped with only a scrape down one arm, Ms Glenwright has had to move out while the unit, which was insured, is repaired.

She has stayed with Ms Davis for the past nine weeks.

Ms Davis said she was appalled someone would steal from Ms Glenwright, who volunteers with the Shepparton RSL GV Veterans Services, helping veterans secure pensions.

“I think it's terrible some low-life would come along and steal someone's mobility scooter, probably knowing it's the owner's way of getting around,” she said.

Police were contacted for comment.

Anyone with information should contact Shepparton police on 5820 5777.

Alternatively a confidential report can be made via Crime Stoppers, phone 1800 333 000 or online at