GOTAFE to offer free COVID-19 infection control training

By Jessica Ball

Free training will help keep the doors of local businesses safely open in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Victorian TAFE institutes and other providers will deliver free accredited short courses to workers in customer-facing roles to help manage the ongoing risk of coronavirus infection in the workplace.

The courses will provide skill sets to help keep the community safe, support businesses to reopen while workers maintain their own safety, and identify hazards and infection risks in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Training, Skills and Higher Education Minister Gayle Tierney announced the project last week with up to $10 million in funding to boost Victoria’s economic recovery.

“Our TAFE and training system is playing a vital role in supporting the Victorian economy to recover,” Ms Tierney said.

“It has been agile by providing short courses for rapid skills development while our economy is under stress.

“This training will help protect Victorian workers, enabling them to put in place best infection control practices to continue serving their customers and keep them safe.”

GOTAFE chief executive Travis Heeney welcomed the funding announcement and said the initiative would ensure best practice infection control was being put into place across Victoria.

“As fee-free accredited skill sets, this will allow many local businesses to access this training for their employees without the added financial burden during these challenging times,” Mr Heeney said.

“These courses will give many local business owners peace of mind knowing that their employees are well skilled and confident in ensuring all measures are being taken to control the spread of coronavirus.”

GOTAFE is offering two streams of the skill sets, tailored to the food handling and retail industries.

The training is available to people currently employed in a customer-facing role in Victoria in any capacity (including those currently on the JobKeeper program), with priority given to those in the food handling and retail industries.

Enrolments opened July 1 with training available for a year.

Phone GOTAFE on 1300 GOTAFE or visit for more information.