Pollies’ overseas travel allowance change

By James Bennett

State politicians, including Wendy Lovell and Suzanna Sheed, can claim up to $10 000 on parliamentary overseas travel, if they wish.

Late last year the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal determined all MPs would be allowed the set price allowance.

It previously issued tougher restrictions, however after submissions, including one from Special Minister for State Gavin Jennings, the tribunal allowed parliamentarians to claim up to $10 000.

Parliamentarians are still issued with tough guidelines on what can be claimed as an overseas expense.

Ms Sheed said although she hasn't used the allowance she admitted it had its benefits.

“While I have not accessed the international allowance during my term in parliament, I believe it can be valuable for those members who are conducting research to better inform policy, as long as the travel can be suitably justified.

“I understand it is used by Parliamentary committee members for these purposes.

“Of course the $10 000 amount is the maximum available and all expenses have to be justified in accordance with the guidelines.”

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