Equine empowerment session in Kialla

By James Bennett

There's a new and unique way to feel more empowered - using horses.

Tomorrow evening a free event is running at the Shepparton Equestrian Centre, Kialla East.

Hosted by Shepparton clinical psychologist Rachael Willis and equine specialist Stacey Towers, the session teaches participants about equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning.

“It's something that's relatively new to Australia,” Ms Willis said.

“It's based on a model from the USA that was created in 1999 and this is globally accredited gold standard in equine therapy learning.

“It's all ground based and no writing involved, so we make it easy for people.”

Ms Willis said part of the work involved interacting with horses in different situations, such as confrontational in the work place.

She said it could be easier to work with horses because they were not judgemental.

“They mirror back to people and a horse can asses something quickly - they can tell if someone is not feeling themselves or might be anxious,” Ms Willis said.

“Because they assess quickly, horses also provide instant feedback. It can form part of a strong bond for a person.

“This is open for people having issues in the office, for example a person can identify how a particular horse reminds them of their boss or in other cases a loved one.”

The equine empowerment day is appropriate for people with mental health issues or for offices looking for team-building developments.

Register at the Shepparton Equestrian Centre, 850 Mitchell Rd, Kialla East, from 5.30pm for a 6pm start this Tuesday, November 12. The event is free.

● Contact [email protected] or 0413 819 558.