100 candles for Evelyn

By James Bennett

There's not many secrets Evelyn Davis can pass on about the trick to turning 100 probably because it's only now she's starting to feel old.

Yesterday she reached the special milestone and felt there was a little too much fuss about it.

“I'm overwhelmed by the all the people thinking about me and treating me with all these lovely flowers,” she said.

“People have been sending their wishes, I think we're celebrating it too much.”

Although birthday was overwhelming, nothing was more evident she appreciated the congratulations then when her granddaughter Erin presented her with a stunning bouquet of flowers.

Mrs Davis (nee Gribben) lives at Banksia Lodge in Kialla Gardens Village. She's in good health, doesn't take any everyday pills but admitted her hearing could be a little better.

“I've had a lovely life; very lucky.

“I don't know if I'd like to be 100,” she said with a laugh.

Mrs Davis grew up on a farm in Arcadia and can recall early childhood memories.

“Used to ride my pony to school, five mile (Kialla West Primary),” she said.

“I boarded in Shepparton when I was at the high school because there wasn't a bus in those days.”

After she left Shepparton High School Mrs Davis remained at home with her mother until World War II.

She was stationed at Heidelberg Hospital with the Red Cross for ex-servicemen and women.

“I was teaching craft work to the different patients,” she said.

Soon after the war she spent a bit of time as manager of rehabilitation at the hospital in Mount Martha.

In 1958 Miss Gribben married life-long friend Jack Davis. The couple had two sons - Gavan and Trevor, plus four grandchildren.

“Having my two sons would be the best part of my life.”

Mr Davis had an orchard in Bunbartha but still lived in Shepparton, while Mrs Davis was secretary for the Wesley Uniting Church Kindergarten for about 15 years.

Trevor said it was great to see his mother turn 100.

“I've seen so many friends when they turn 35 or 40, their parents are hitting 70 to 80 mark and they're passing.

“My dad's brother was seven years younger than him and died at 55, so to have both parents for so long it's an interesting thing because I'm not at a loss.”

“Mum has never been negative and always supportive. When we were kids she was always home waiting for us after school.”

Mrs Davis was excited to open her letter from the Queen yesterday.

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