A little slice of history in Katamatite

By Shepparton News

Working alongside the Katamatite Historical Society, Shepparton's Simon Northey is raising funds to buy back a piece of town history.

Mr Northey hopes to raise $4200 to buy the replica EW Kilgour Grocer's Cart.

The cart was made in tribute to the EW Kilgour General Store and the 1930 to 1960 era.

“The detail and work put into the cart is fantastic and the cart is in great condition,” Mr Northey said.

“Returning this back to Katamatite and the community will be great, as it will help Katamatite hold on to some of its history — in this case, the EW Kilgour General Store and its significance.”

The Kilgours arrived in Katamatite in 1895.

Ernest and his wife, Lillian, ran the general store from 1933 to 1966.

Their grandson Rod Kilgour commissioned the cart in the early 2000s.

Sadly, over time, the original was lost.

The replica, however, was modelled on a baker’s cart from that same period, in honour of the store and the era.

“Rod wanted to pay tribute to the store as a remembrance of its time,” Mr Northey said.

“The original was a two-wheeled cart used to transport groceries. It’s either been sold or destroyed over the years.”

After being sold a few years ago, the replica reappeared for sale in Tatura.

Mr Northey is raising funds because of his family's strong connection to the town and his love of history.

“My grandfather grew up (in Katamatite) and always had connections with the area,” he said.

“There was an opportunity to do something good, to help out the community and see this done for my mum and my aunty ... I love holding on to history.

“There are people who won’t know about (the replica cart and the store's history), including younger generations.

“That’s why the historical society is trying to restore that knowledge and let everyone know about the history of the town.”

Mr Northey is helping the historical society via a GoFundMe page and cash donation boxes at the Katamatite Post Office on Beek St and Computer Tech Support on Maude St in Shepparton.

“The Kilgour name is one synonymous with Katamatite and its community,” Mr Northey said.

“The cart is significant to the town as it helps allow Katamatite to remember and preserve the EW Kilgour General Store and other grocer and baker carts of its time.”

For more information visit the GoFundMe page.