Construction on new Shepparton station shelter starting soon

By James Bennett

Construction of the new shelter at Shepparton train station is expected to start soon with safety fences now installed.

Member for Shepparton Suzanna Sheed told parliament last month construction was yet to start despite the project being nine months past its completion date.

Although no official response was ever made public by the Victorian Government, the safety barriers were erected last week in preparation for the works.

Ms Sheed said she was satisfied the government was able to act quickly after pushing the matter with Transport Minister Melissa Horne.

“I was pleased to see this matter attended to so promptly following my question in parliament two weeks ago," she said.

“I can only conclude it was a massive coincidence works began almost immediately or the minister’s office has acted very promptly on the query.

“There remains the question as to why construction at the site had not commenced nine months after it was promised to be completed, but better late than never.

“I look forward to enjoying the use of the new facilities along with the rest of the Shepparton district," Ms Sheed said.

The Victorian Government has confirmed the shelter will be completed by early next year.