National Day of Action targeting rural roads

By Liz Mellino

Community members can expect a highly visible police presence around Greater Shepparton next Tuesday.

Shepparton police will be participating in the National Day of Action, which is targeted at the horrific death toll on Australian roads this year.

"National Day of Action is a way to bring this to the community's attention, as we have too many people dying on our roads who do not need to," Shepparton Highway Patrol Sergeant Janne Kennedy said.

Sgt Kennedy said Shepparton police would be actively involved on the day, with a highly visible presence around Greater Shepparton to crack down on drivers breaking the law.

With speeding, use of mobile phones and the use of drugs and alcohol the focus on the day, Sgt Kennedy said police needed community help.

"We want everyone to get home safely to their family and friends ... expect to see more police, more intercepts and more preliminary testing sites," she said.

"Policing agencies from across the country are uniting to spread the message 'there are too many deaths on our roads, enough is enough'."

With seven fatalities in the Greater Shepparton area for the year so far compared to a total of four last year, Sgt Kennedy said the day would be an important one for our region.

"The community and police have had enough. The community can assist by abiding by our road laws, planning your trips and driving safely, which includes only driving past emergency service vehicles at a maximum 40 km/h and being patient with police while they are trying to keep our roads safe," she said.