Latrobe University to reduce emissions to zero

By Morgan Dyer

Latrobe University has announced a $75 million plan to reduce its emissions to zero by 2029.

The commitment will involve 20 separate projects across a number of its sites, including Shepparton’s local campus.

The program will see the Shepparton campus install 900 high-efficiency low-cost LED light fittings by the end of the year, which will cover all of its lighting.

Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar launched the program in Melbourne yesterday and said the university was committed to making real change for long-term benefit.

“La Trobe recognises the social, environment and economic importance of reducing our carbon footprint,” he said.

“That’s why we have set an ambitious target to become the first university in Victoria to meet this important goal."

The new light fittings will add to the campus's 115 solar panels and organics pick-up and processing system, which had previously been installed.

Students at the university are also designing and implementing a system that monitors energy consumption and controls lighting, heating and cooling systems in a bid to reduce energy consumption in real time.

Prof Dewar said reducing carbon emissions is not only the right thing to do but makes economic and environmental sense.

“Rather than simply buy carbon credits, we’ve got a clear plan for action and we are making genuine, local changes to become more efficient and make a deliberate switch to renewables,” he said.

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