Hospital health funding crisis

By Morgan Dyer

Goulburn Valley Health has responded to claims that Victoria’s public hospitals will suffer a health funding crisis.

The Herald Sun reported that hospitals may have to cut the number of patients treated and waiting lists could potentially blow out.

Rumours of the crisis comes as hospitals may be faced with the inability to pay growing wage bills after increasing doctors’ salaries and increasing the minimum number of nurses hospitals must employ.

Although GV Health hasn’t received any budget or funding announcements yet, chief executive Matt Sharp said the hospital was continuing to liaise with the Victorian Government regarding the 2019/2020 budget.

“GV Health is committed to ensuring all sources of funding are carefully used in order to ensure we can provide a range of health and well being services for people across the region.”

The Herald Sun reported that several Victorian health services won’t be able to sign off statement of priorities agreements as they dictate the levels of funding and patient numbers each hospital is locked into over the next year.

GV Health said it would prepare and release a statement when the State Government announced its funding in the near future.