My Pet: Isa browns

By Madeleine Byron

The school bus run down Boothroyds Rd in Numurkah has children glued to the window as it slows to a stop at the Byron family gate.

A new tin shed is stationed at the fence where six-year-old Isabella Byron houses her two isa brown hens Jessie and Rainbow.

“Jessie is my favourite Toy Story character (Jessie the cowgirl) and rainbow because I couldn’t think of any other names,” Isabella said.

Her mother Keat Byron said they bought the chickens for Isabella’s birthday three weeks ago.

“She asked for chickens because she wanted to collect the eggs and cook with them,” Mrs Byron said.

“We’ve been making cupcakes with the eggs, but I like egg sandwiches the most,” Isabella said.

Checking the chickens regularly, Mrs Byron said Isabella got upset if there were no eggs to collect.

“We’ll walk out in the morning and check to make sure the chooks have got food and water, and if there’s an egg she’ll go in and get it before the bus arrives,” she said.

“Sometimes she even goes out after dark to make sure they are still there.”

Mrs Byron said it was important to check the floor of the pen for any eggs.

“They sleep up high on the shelf in the chicken coop, which is also where they lay their eggs and we have lost a few because they have fallen to the ground,” she said.  

Isabella said she wanted to own 100 chooks but would compromise at 20.

“She told me she wanted 20 chickens so she could collect 20 eggs a day,” Mrs Byron said.

Isabella’s younger brother Jak Byron, 4, said his favourite thing about the chooks was that they ate all the bugs and worms.

“I want a rooster but Isabella said they are no good because they don’t lay eggs,” Jak said.

“And they chase people,” Isabella added.

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