Artist Carla Mcrae tackles the Drawing Wall

By Madeleine Byron

Inspired by stories from the exhibition A Finer Grain, Carla Mcrae is the latest artist to tackle the Drawing Wall at the Shepparton Art Museum.

Known for her simple geometric forms and bold colours, Carla references the large-scale work from the all-female show currently on display at the museum.

“I looked at the show, picked out works that spoke to me and put those works through my own drawing process to create a new piece, Resting Rising,” she said.

Carla described her drawing process as refining, simplifying and reworking the piece to become a new visual.

Channelling the work by early 1900s artist Ethel Spowers, Carla said she wanted to create a tribute piece.

The 36th Drawing Wall features the outline of a woman surrounded by pops of colour and shape.

“I really enjoyed the challenge, I love the process of taking something small and transforming it into a larger scale,” Carla said.

Carla used a gridding technique to transform the artwork.

“It’s a pretty popular technique but it’s old school,” she said.

“When you use a grid you can’t go wrong and It’s a really satisfying feeling.”

Carla said her latest work wouldn’t be complete with a piece of herself.

“I really love to draw and when I’m not drawing I like to explore nature and see the world so when I get back to my desk I’m full of energy,” she said.

“A lot of my work is inspired by what I see every day and it’s seeing the beauty in the little things that are often overlooked that becomes a collection of experiences that I can draw on for my work.”