June 27, 1983

Did you find warming up this morning difficult?

Shepparton's overnight temperature, a freezing -2.2 degrees Celsius, was probably the reason for those bitter chills you felt.

Thick ice and heavy white frosts decorated lawns and roof tops all over the city today and a report from Mt Major revealed much the same conditions.

Last night was one of the coldest experienced this year. The temperature at 9 am this morning was zero.

Dave Hurd, from the Lemnos Weather Station, said the frost on the lawns of Campbell's Soups, was solid until about 8 am.

Construction workers at the TAFE building site in Fryers St also felt the cold when they began work at 7 am. A fire burning in a large drum was used to warm the hands of workers.

When told the temperature was below zero overnight, Geoff Smith, a rigger from Melbourne, said: "I'd believe it, it was freezing.”

The workmen worked for an hour to defrost the battery of the crane on the site. Water had to be heated to remove the ice around the engine before the crane would start.

Heavy rainfall, snow and bitterly cold weather were recorded in the Eildon catchment area at the weekend.

A spokesman for the Water Commission at Eildon said the temperature at 9 am this morning was 3.5 degrees, with an over night minimum of -1 degrees.

Rubicon measured 54 mm of rain over the weekend, while Eildon had 16.2 mm.

The effect of this rain on Lake Eildon would not be fully felt for another two days, when water from Woods Point rainfalls flowed into Eildon, the spokesman said.

The level of Lake Eildon is now at 24.1 per cent, about 50 per cent down on the usual level for winter.