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Puddles freeze over as the mercury drops

By Shepparton News

June 4, 1982

Reports of milk freezing in cows’ udders have wafted in the direction of The News office.

These reports are obviously fabricated and pass from the lips of goading farmers. One could be inclined to believe them though, as the overnight minimum temperatures drop lower and lower.

Last night a minimum of -0.8 degrees was recorded at the Lemnos Weather Station, with yesterday’s maximum reaching only 12 degrees.

Reference to “throwaway puddles” is also becoming more frequent out on the land, where farmers say they can walk out the back door in the morning, pick up an iced-over puddle and literally throw it away.

It is becoming tempting to stay in bed longer each morning and to wait until the mercury has completed its slow crawl up the scale — especially when you know the toilet seat is going to be freezing.

Cyclists seem to be getting fewer as the morning temperatures get lower and lower.

They must be deciding that snap frozen toes and fingers aren’t worth it for the fresh air and fitness.

Motorists too are having problems as they gingerly pour water over their windscreens to melt the ice each morning.

There are other real problems too.

The morning winter sun glittering on frost-covered paddocks has a lovely fresh look but the frost is slowing down growth of new grass that germinated after the long-awaited rain.

At least one farmer this morning had difficulty pumping water to his house because his pipes had frozen overnight in the cold.