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Back from America

By Shepparton News

September 26, 1979

The district inspector of schools, Geoff Chandler, has returned to Shepparton after a 12-month study tour of America.

Mr Chandler began a PhD in education at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

The Duke University was named after the Duke family, who were pioneers of the tobacco industry.

Mr Chandler was accompanied on his trip by his wife Jan and two children, Tim and Sally.

The family enjoyed the time they spent in America but said they were glad to be back where they could afford to buy meat.

“We found the people were really great and very generous,” Mr Chandler said.

“The biggest thing that hit us was the racial problems they are having there.”

Comparing the education systems of America and Australia, Mr Chandler said in America the school board has far more control and runs the school.

He said it had advantages when decisions concerning the school can be made with local knowledge but, he said, poorer areas would seem to be disadvantaged by having less to spend on education for the area.

The school board is made up of elected members of the community including the parents of students, residents, local government members and other people.

Mr Chandler said a district superintendent elected by the school board has roughly the same duties as the district inspector of schools here.

Mr Chandler resumed work immediately after the September holidays.