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From the archives - Time goes slowly

By Shepparton News

August 2, 1973

Provided there are not more hold ups, the long-awaited compulux clock could go into operation on the first Friday in September. The clock, on the PMG tower in the centre of Shepparton, has been delayed for several months.

Now, before any more work can be done on the clock, a catwalk has to be built in front of the dials. The catwalk and guard rail are for safety purposes and a spokesman for Bonetts, the electricians installing the clock, said today no work will be done on the clock until these safety measures are complete.

Kevin Hussey, a member of the Shepparton Lions club which instigated the compulux clock project, said the work on the catwalk should be finished in about two weeks, provided there were no hold ups.

He said the switch on date could be the first Friday in September, but this was only a ‘‘very tentative guess’’ he said.

He added that perhaps a more definite date will be fixed tonight when a committee meeting will be held. Mr Hussey said he would get details of the exact finishing time from the PMG workers on the tower at the moment as well as the electricians.