Expansion just the first upgrade at Finley Early Learning Centre

Finley Early Learning Centre has extended its capacity by 20, adding a new purpose-built room for its preschool children. 

The room, located at the end of the centre, offers a spacious learning and entertainment area featuring large floor space and child-size play kitchen. 

The new build was not without its difficulties, having started in March when works were quickly interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

FELC owner Michelle McGrath said the room was finished last week and is waiting approval before it can be utilised by the children.

Michelle’s daughter and FELC director Heidi McGrath said the children are excited about their new area after watching builders come and go for the last six months.

Extending the centre’s capacity to 43 children is the first step in a program that will include  a new staff room and kitchen and overhead shade expected to be installed early next year.

‘‘Parents will be able to drop their children off with a change of clothes and not have to worry about food, milk, hats, nappies, sunscreen, drink bottles or sleep accessories because we will supply everything,’’ Heidi said.

‘‘The stand-alone preschool room will give children four to five years-old the best learning environment before entering primary school.

‘‘It allows us the opportunity to run a preschool program with the benefit of the long day care centre’s hours.

‘‘Parents will still have access to their childcare subsidy with the added benefit of a preschool program designed and delivered by two qualified Early Childhood teachers without the restriction of a 9am to 3pm time slot. Instead, starting January 4, we will be 7am to 6pm.

‘‘To celebrate our new addition we are offering for all 2021 preschool enrolments an opportunity to attend for three days and only pay for two.’’

Heidi said the expansion will also allow the centre to employ up to 14 local staff members.

‘‘We want the centre to be run with local family friendly faces, with all our staff knowing the parents and children and visa versa.’’

FELC will be offering a range of new programs  that include Kinder Music, Neighbourhood Exploring, School Transitions, KITE programs, Storytime at the library and Emotional Wellbeing Programs.

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