Shepparton Art Museum closes doors, moves online

By John Lewis

The Shepparton Art Museum closed its doors to the public this week until coronavirus restrictions are lifted in line with state and federal government advice.

SAM director Rebecca Coates said the SAM collection would still be available to view online.

She said SAM staff were working to get content up online and on digital platforms.

“There will be plenty to engage all ages, and we look forward to also sharing the work of our colleagues and artistic community,” Ms Coates said.

“We will continue to share our work and our collections through our online channels, in an effort to support our artists and to bring some colour to the current climate.”

Ms Coates said all exhibitions would remain in the museum during the shutdown period.

She stressed all artworks were safe, and would continue to be carefully monitored.

Ms Coates said the transition process to the new building would continue either at SAM or remotely.

“While there may be disruptions, we are keen to continue to work towards what will be one of the most exciting, and certainly highest, buildings in our region,” she said.

“We wish all of our colleagues, artists and the wider community good health and best wishes in these trying times.”

Art enthusiasts can visit SAM online at www.sheppartonartmusum.com.au or on Instagram or Facebook.