SEDA continues to provides insight into sports industry from home

By Shepparton News

SEDA College is best known for its hands-on learning environment — but students have also continued to thrive as clinics go online.

At the forefront of innovative senior secondary education, the college has adapted to virtual learning by utilising online technology.

With its curriculum aligned to students’ interests and life experiences and a one-teacher-one-classroom model, the college has kept students engaged and continuing their education.

In a learning-from-home setting, students have conducted virtual clinics to maintain growth in their practical experiences linked to the VET and VCAL curriculum, and to connect to industry partners and the local community.

The college prides itself on providing opportunities for students to connect with industry and learn a range of transferable skills that will prepare them for a successful future.

SEDA College teacher Katie Heard said the college had been able to maintain this strong industry connection and alignment to students’ passions by involving industry leaders to conduct virtual sessions.

Recently Brett Goodes and Chris Antsey spoke with Shepparton students via Zoom about their experiences performing as elite athletes in the AFL, NBA, NBL and many other leagues but also more broadly about life and careers in all aspects of sport.

“Chris gave students engaging examples and valuable insight into the importance of being ‘open to opportunity and always ready to try new things’ as they forge their career pathways,” Mrs Heard said, ``whilst the session with Brett provided students with eye-opening and insightful education into the issue of racism in sport linked to curriculum and cultural awareness training that students and staff are working through leading into National Reconciliation Week.”

SEDA College is one of Australia’s top providers of applied learning for senior secondary students, offering Shepparton students opportunities to work in the local community and with sports industry partners such as AFL Victoria, Netball Victoria, Basketball Victoria, Cricket Australia and Melbourne City FC.