Drysdale to remain coach at United

By Andrew Johnston

LISA Drysdale more than delivered for Echuca United in 2019.

In her first season as A grade coach, her Eagles ended the dominance of local rival Moama, bringing the premiership cup back to Echuca South.

While the emotion of the victory — as well as three flags in other grades of netball — is still running high, United has begun planning how to stay on top in 2020, beginning with re-appointing Drysdale as coach.

“It's a great feeling,” she said.

“I'm really looking forward to what 2020 brings for us, the new challenges that come with defending the premiership. It's looking like a fantastic year for the club.”

At this stage the make up of the side for 2020 is unknown, which brings Drysdale excitement as much as anything.

“I assume there will be some new people coming in and changing the mix of the team,” she said.

“We will also have some juniors ready to take the step up into senior netball. That's a brilliant opportunity for everyone involved, seeing how people have developed and what is added to the team as a result.

“The same will be the case with the coaches, seeing what new skills and ideas are brought into the club and how we can improve on our game as a result.”

While Drysdale was honoured to officially be re-appointed as coach of the club, she said the group still needs a period of time away from the game before preparations for 2020 officially kick off.

“Mentally and physically everyone has earned a bit of a break from the game,” she said.

“In a month or so we will start to look at our plans and preparation, but for now I think it's important for everyone to have a bit of distance from everything. It means that when we do all come back everyone is fresh and ready to focus on what our new season is going to look like.”

Though there is still time for the group to keep enjoying the premiership success of last month.

And the praise from those outside the club is something that continues to stick with Drysdale.

“The support from across the town is still coming,” she said.

“You bump into people down the street, they still want to congratulate you and ask questions about how things went, what was key to getting the victory, so it's still very fresh in that way.

“I think that has helped it to sink in — it's not just something that as a team we are still talking about, it's something that carries over to others. It's going to stay with us for a long time, and hopefully something we can carry with us into a new season.”