Stadium works are looking ‘impressive’

By Olivia Duffey

The Deniliquin Sports & Entertainment stadium upgrades are on track to be completed early next year.

Deniliquin Sports Park group manager John Arthur said it already looks ‘‘sensational’’.

‘‘I have been impressed with B Green Constructions with their workmanship and the hard work they have been putting in every day to get this finished,’’ he said.

‘‘We were recently informed a lot of work has been completed. This includes the scorer’s boxes for the courts, which are a highlight for me because it will make our stadium more professional. It will assist our scorers, especially with the magnitude of the stadium now.

‘‘Our original plans were to open in February to be geared up for the sporting seasons, and I think we are on track to achieve this,’’ Arthur said.

While work is taking place, stadium users have been moved to temporary homes.

‘‘Most of our clubs are at Deniliquin High School using their Multi Purpose Centre and the outdoor courts,’’ he said.

‘‘We also have gymnastics currently using the Deniliquin RSL Club.

‘‘This has meant we are not currently able to play our usual competition sports due to space restrictions, but the  sports are still being played.’’

Arthur is at the stadium almost every day, working behind the scenes to keep things running.

While he is there, he has been able to check in with the works and see the stadium expand as workers get on.

‘‘It is impressive,’’ he said.

‘‘I used to stand at the grandstand and could see the other corner of the court easily, but now I look and the size of the stadium has really changed.

‘‘I think it will greatly benefit everyone who uses the stadium and will allow us to support and cater for more groups.

‘‘I can’t wait to see the finished product and I look forward to seeing the community get out there and using it again,’’ Arthur said.