Corowa golf

By Corowa Free Press

Monday 11 November

Corowa Veterans Golf

Thirty eight players enjoyed perfect conditions on an excellent course at Corowa to contest the second round of the Corowa – Howlong Challenge.

A Grade winner – Wendel Reitenbach 45 pts

Runner up – Rino Feltrin 40 pts

B grade winner – Dave Twiss 36 pts

Runner up – Steve Jones 35 pts

NTP – Peter Redhead (18th), Neville Lowe (27th).

Ball rundown – Tom Bennett, John Arthur, Robert Forrest, Gordon Sawyer, Kevin Donovan, John Gibbs, Neville Lowe, Tom Johnson, Stanley Smith, Brian Hone, Greg Ganning.

Lucky card winners:

First – Kevin Donovan

Second – Robert Forrest

Next round of MRVGA 25 Corowa Veterans Golf will be held on December 9 at Corowa Golf Club. Interested players can register at the Corowa Pro Shop.

Next round of MRVGA 25 Howlong Veterans Golf will be held on December 2 at Howlong Country Golf Club. Interested players can register at the Howlong Pro Shop.

Monday 18 November


Winner – Rita Taylor

Runner up – Marg Monks

NTP – Deb Richards

Wednesday 20 November

Ladies Stableford

Winner – Gay Richards 37 pts

Runner up – Rita Taylor 36 pts

Ball rundown – Bernie McLean 36, Marlene Stuart 34, Gail Law 33 pts.

NTP – Janet Beverley, Marg Playford, Rita Taylor.

Thursday 21 November

Pro Shop Medley

Results of today’s Pro Shop Medley played in what can only be described and terrible conditions.  

42 degree heat and very strong winds proved a true test for the golfing fanatic.

Winner – Ben Playford 36 pts

Runner up – Gary Clinch 35 pts

Third – Michael Love 35 pts

Fourth – Steve Rodway 35 pts

 Ball Rundown:

2 x Balls – Brad Glare, Alex McGillivray, Robin Virant 34 pts

1 x Ball – Len Reynoldson Jnr, Rod Rosengren, Michael Wrotny, Peter Justin 33 pts, Keith Allsopp, Steve Carrick 32 pts.

NTP – Michael Cleary (27th), Steve Carrick (18th). 

Saturday 23 November

Ladies Stableford 

Winner –Anne Harris 45 pts

Runner up –Rita Taylor 37 pts

Ball rundown – Gay Richards 35 pts, Roslyn Black 34 pts.

NTP – Roslyn Black (4th), Anne Harris (27th).

Men’s Stableford

A Grade winner – Brad Glare 38 pts

B Grade winner – Gary Chappell 37 pts

C Grade winner – Jordan Lavis 41 pts

Ball Rundown –  Ryan Gale 40 pts, Ross Lyndon, Lochie Conboy 38 pts, John Taylor 37 pts, Mark Cook, Doug Ward, Alf Arthur, Nate Horsfall, Gary Clinch, Peter Findlay, John Torr 36 pts, Guy Rowe, Des Fraser 35 pts. 

NTP – Leigh Wignal (4th) Neville Tait (27th), Geoff Boyd (27th), Michael Love (27th).

Sunday 24 November

All Saints Estate Ambrose

Today’s winners each earned a double ticket to A Day on the Green.

Winners – Brad Glare, Ryan Glare, Ray Robins, Wade Cofield (Nett 54.25)

Runners up – Trent Vonarx, Mark Chappell, Sean Conboy, Glen Rolton (Nett 55.12)

Third – John Taylor, Steve Carrick, Peter Filliponi, Michael Love (Nett 55.25)

Ball rundown – Gary Taylor, Shane Taggart, Jarrod Klepak, Daniel Mills (Nett 56.25),

Phill Dunning, Gary Clancy, Gary Clinch, Christine Clancy (Nett 56.75),

Steve Smith, Gary Chappell, Paul Baker, David Smith (Nett 56.87).

NTP – Peter Filliponi (27th), Paul Baker (18th)

Encouragement Awards – Rita Taylor, Marjorie Dykes, Margaret Monks and Maree Glen.

 Many thanks to our sponsor All Saints Estate and for their ongoing support of this event

Some wonderful bottles of All Saints Estate wines to be had.