Goulburn Valley Bush Bash League announces format changes

By Alex Mitchell

The Goulburn Valley Bush Bash League is returning for a second season and fans can expect plenty of changes to take the exciting cricket initiative to the next level.

More marquees, a more spread-out season, more squad flexibility and just general fireworks will be a feature of GVBBL02, which is set to start on November 22 at Deakin Reserve in Shepparton.

The four days of play - three preliminary matches and final - will be spread across four months with matches on December 13 (Kyabram) and January 17 (Barooga), before the final is held on February 7.

The team owners recently met with a number of new features agreed to, among them more flexibility with marquee players, with three to be allowed a match.

That means each team can have as many as nine different marquee players across the season, whereas last season each team could only have one captain and two marquee players for the entire season.

Teams will also be able to retain just five of their players from last season's squads before this year's draft on October 9, with each team to then draft another eight players to fill out their squads.

Once again each squad will need to include one under-21 player, while substitutes because of injury or illness can be picked from the remaining players that nominate for the draft.

Other owner requests included flatter wickets in order to promote some serious six-smashing, with boundaries to be set at 55 m.

Another initiative will see a ‘hit the sign’ feature, with $100 awarded to the first player to hit a sign on the full for each game.

That feature will jackpot for each game the bonus does not go off.

Registrations for the October 9 draft are now open and able to be accessed at