Katamatite coming together

By Liam Nash

New Year's Eve of 2019 in Katamatite will sadly be remembered for all the wrong reasons, with the theft from the fire brigade rocking the town.

Now, two weeks on from the wretched act, the community has banded together to help repair some of the damage.

Organised by Katamatite Community Action Group, a breakfast and raffle will be held on Sunday, January 26, from 8 am at Police Paddock (corner of Foy and Beek Sts), where all proceeds from the raffle will be donated to Katamatite Fire Brigade.

“We are doing a raffle on Australia Day, we are having a free breakfast, and we will just thank all our firies of the town - they are all welcome to come along and have a free breakfast,” Katamatite Community Action Group member June Wood said.

“You have got to make negatives into positives as best as you can, as well as giving the people an option to help if they want to.”

On hearing the news of the break-in, Mrs Wood, like many others, was utterly appalled.

“I was surprised and shocked, like everyone else I guess – who does that sort of thing when the weather is like this and they are at their busiest trying to keep the town safe,” she said.

“They were actually out on call that day to a Strathmerton fire and they came back and that night they were broken into – I think the whole town was surprised.”

Along with the other members of the action group, Mrs Wood felt obliged to show some support, and urges the rest of the town to try and get involved.

“Come along and have a nice morning out with all the community,” she said.

“It will be a big thank you to them, and what better day to have it than Australia Day.”

Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 and are available from the Katamatite post office.