Benalla Ensign

Royal Freemasons staff negative for COVID-19

By Simon Ruppert

Royal Freemasons residents, staff ,and family members of both, breathed a sigh of relief Friday (August 7) morning after COVID-19 test results came back negative.

The organisation was concerned after a staff member was contact traced after being in the vicinity of a confirmed case, and immediately moved to introduce measures to protect staff and residents.

However it was still a nervous wait as the tests were undertaken and results confirmed.

A spokesperson from Royal Freemasons said that all test results had been received and no cases of COVID-19 were found.

"It is with this news that I am pleased to announce the home has been cleared and our residents are no longer required to self-isolate," the spokesperson said.

"Window visits will be reinstated today' however, the home remains closed to visitors."

More to come.

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