Bingo! How you can help local businesses during the pandemic

By Shepparton News

We are all in this together.

From the butchers to the bakers — and even the candlestick makers — the entire Goulburn Valley needs to work together for us all to pull through the unprecedented crisis we are currently facing.

But how can you help?

Not everyone is a doctor or a nurse on the front line, nor an emergency services worker keeping the rest of us safe and well.

But we can all certainly play bingo.

Although there will be no caller on stage yelling out ``legs eleven!'’, "two fat ladies!" or "droopy drawers!", there will still be the satisfaction of dotting out the last box in the line and yelling out "Bingo!" to the collective shock of your pets and children.

You may have noticed that our "Open for business — shop local" graphic is set up almost like a large bingo card; well, we did too.

So why not spread the love as far and wide as possible by attempting to tick off every box when you are looking to buy food, coffee or goods and services during the coming weeks and months?

You can race your friends and neighbours to completing a column, row or even the entire page, and all in the name of supporting local businesses through the toughest times they are ever likely to face.

So dust off those markers and get dabbing — it is for a great cause after all — and make sure you share your progress with us.

See today's listings. You can share your results online by hashtagging #shoplocalbingo or tagging the Shepparton News.