Mulwala Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade

Mulwala 36 defeated Katandra 30

A Grade had a great battle and did not drop the intensity over the four quarters.

Every player had many intercepts and the defensive pressure over the court rewarded the Lions with a win.

Well done to Millie and Lauren who received the awards of the day.

Awards: Royal Mail Mulwala – Millie Ferguson, Wingates – Lauren Pitches.

B Grade 

Mulwala 55 defeated Katandra 23

Awards: Mulwala Pharmacy – Georgia Glass, MFNC Rewards Card – Cara Wood, MFNC Mug – Hayley Fry.

No report submitted.

C Grade 

Mulwala 44 defeated Katandra 23

Another great win this round for the girls. With another warm day and playing short, the Lions all played together to get through as a team.

Ash and Brit shot well together, keeping the Lions in front the whole game with Emme and Kathryn in defense killing it with several turnovers.

Kim and Tay using their strengths throughout the whole game in attack to get into the shooters.

Awards: MFNC Rewards Card: Kim Thomson, Lake Mulwala Bakery – Brit Loechal. 

C Reserve

Mulwala 42 defeated by Katandra 48

Awards: Royal Mail Hotel – Phoebe Thorpe, Mulwala Pharmacy – Stassy McCarthy.

No report submitted.

Under 17s

Mulwala 39 defeated Katandra 17

Great game by the Under 17s side. Coming off a loss last week the girls had something to prove.

A full team effort put the Lions in front from the beginning with great leads and defensive pressure down the mid court.

Accurate shooting kept the girls ahead with a steady lead and beautiful driving on the ring kept Katandra defenders busy.

The defense was second to none, with a number of interceptions throughout the entire game.

Very excited for the season ahead.

Awards: One Zach: Abbey Freeman, Meal Voucher: Danielle Heffer. 

Under 15s 

Mulwala 22 defeated Katandra 16

Awards: Purtles Electrical – Jazyah Young Mail, Lake Mulwala Bakery – Emma Hamilton, MFNC Dinner Voucher – Mikayla Sissons.

No report submitted. 

Under 13s 

Mulwala 34 defeated Katandra 2

What a great game the Under 13s had this week. They started the game strong and kept it up the entire game.

The shooters in Brigitte, Jess and Myley were on fire. The movement in the ring was fantastic and they were fed the ball well.

At the other end of the court, Kaleisha, Milla and Lily applied great defensive pressure making it hard for Katandra to score.

Kaleisha put on an amazing display reading the play well and taking intercepts like a superstar.

Overall a great game to watch and nice for the girls to get their first win. 

Awards: Travel and Cruise: Kaleisha Pell, Lake Mulwala Bakery – Myley McGlynn, MFNC Dinner Voucher - Leni Miller.

Under 11s

Mulwala 16 defeated Katandra 2

The game began with great defensive pressure applied all over the court.

Maisee and Ruby teamed up in goals and secured a great lead for the little Lions.

Katandra fought hard but with Jemma, Emily and Charli intercepting many balls, Katandra struggled to get many shooting opportunities.

Lara fed the goalies well and Maddi moved well around the ring.

Even switching goalies and defenders at half time, the little Lions didn’t miss a beat, proving how versatile they are.

A very comfortable win for the girls.