Tungamah Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade

Tungamah 37 def Barooga 33

The Tungamah girls started off slow in the first half of netball allowing Barooga a 7 goal lead going into the half time break.

It was another hot game with coach Danielle making a lot of changes to allow fresh legs to come on in the third to try and shut the attack of Barooga down.

Milly Kelly and Ally Cooper taking a few intercepts in the mid court made Barooga think twice about passing around. 

Chels and Zetta moved the ball around the ring allowing them to make the most of every shot. 

Molly was solid in defence making Barooga’s goalies work hard all game, closing the gap to 3 goals going into the last. 

A few changes and some wisdom back on the court, Sharnie Walden showed the opposition team whose game this was, with a couple of minutes left on the clock it was a tight game.

Abby Griffin took a spectacular rebound and Tungamah capitalised on this hitting the front for the first time in the game. 

Tungamah worked hard to stay in front and came away with a 4-goal win. 

Excellent game by all the Tunga girls. 

Best on Court and Thyme for coffee award: Molly Saunders. 

Tunga pub award: Zetta Kelly. Judds award: Abby Griffin.

B Grade

Tungamah 24 def by Barooga 46

Although not a win, the girls played an impressive game to show an improvement on last week. 

The ball flowed through the thirds with mid court creating the space and assisting our shooters at the goal circle. The defensive pressure frustrated Barooga shooters at time, and it was a reflection of how the defenders played from start to finish. 

Awards: Brodie Gissing – Brewit, Jorja Goldman -Judds.

C Grade

Tungamah 34 def Barooga 29

A great team effort saw C Grade get their first win in the Murray League. 

All players were switched on from the first pass. The Bears led by 1 at quarter time, half time and three quarter time and then consolidated in the last quarter to take the win by 5 goals. 

Determination and perseverance paid off with every player giving their all and playing their role for the team. Danielle Sidebottom, Olivia Hayes and Leanne Laffan moved beautifully in the ring using the space to great effect. 

Lani Crawford, Bernadette Attwood, Brooke Keenan and Bridget Saunders moved the ball smartly down the court always making options.

Kait Megarrity, Josie Nunn and Amber Peachey worked very hard in defence and made great choices. 

This team have worked so hard together and play for each other for the whole game. 

Congrats to Caity Whitelock on her call up to B Grade this week. 

Awards: Celebrations - Brooke Keenan, Brewit - Amber Peachey.

C Reserve

Tungamah 18 def by Barooga 43

The girls started off a bit slow but by the second quarter the Bears found their feet, slowing the game to work in their favor.

Great passes in to the ring by Dan, Britt and Sheryl. 

Katie doing a great job under the ring. 

Leah, Kim and Sally held the shooters out causing more miss shots and opportunities for rebounds. 

Anna provided some handy intercepts and Stacie was the all rounder covering all the mid court (what position can’t she do). 

The Bears know how to put the pressure on and get impressive intercepts now to work on attacking, making sure C Res play in front and lead to the ball. 

Awards: Byramine Homestead and Brewery - Katie Jarratt, Thyme for coffee café - Danielle Lawrence.

Under 17s

Tungamah 33 def Barooga 30

Given the lack of sleep by half the team from their Deb ball the night before, the girls fought hard for the win. Leading at the first break 7/11, they worked together and covered the court. 

The second was a little slower and some mistakes were made allowing Barooga to capitalise and goal. 

By half time they lead by two (15/17). 

Pressure applied early in the third gave Tungamah a chance to goal quickly and increase their lead. 

Barooga pegged back and the girls, in the dying minutes of the third, missed opportunities and at the end of the third lead by one goal (22/23). 

Again, starting the fourth, they read the ball well and worked together taking the ball down to the shooters to extend their lead by six. 

Barooga, although tired didn’t give up and they quickly caused turnovers chasing the score down. 

But when faced with pressure, Tungamah didn’t falter and gave it their all to come away with the win. 

Awards: Sarah Cummins – Wingates, Ruby Wallden – Subway, Ella Costigan – McDonalds.

Under 15s

Tungamah 11 def by Barooga 40

The girls again this week came to play in the last half, when they start to put together 4 quarters the rewards will follow.

Frances was great in WD, forcing lots of errors and getting the turn overs. 

Bella Bridgman played a great game in C then moved in the goals which opened up another combination with Hayley. 

Jess Arnold was moved into GD, giving it 100 percent showing she will do whatever the coaches ask of her. Tayla gave a lot of good drives into the ring to feed the goalies. 

Emmi and Jade again worked very well in defence. 

Bella Lonergan and Hayley worked hard in goals against a tight defence. 

Ruby played well in the C getting a lot of hands over balls and fed the goalies well. 

Awards: Fish and chips: Emmi Brookes, McDonald: Bella Bridgeman, Subway: Frances Lonergan. 

Also this week 2 more awards where donated by an umpire of the league and went to Jess Arnold and Jade Ralph for their determination during the game.

Under 13s

Score: mercy rule 

Awards: McDonald’s-Addison, Crusty Loaf- Aliela, VideoLand – Cheri. 

This week the girls fought hard but were no match for the strong Barooga side. 

They held their heads high and didn’t give up. 

The girls know what they need to strengthen so they are committed to working hard to ensure a more consistent game over the next coming weeks.

Under 11s

Tungamah 2 def by Barooga 29

Another tough week for the mini Bears this week but they showed improvements from last week. 

Maddy played a fantastic game as GS and secured the 1st goal in the 2nd quarter. 

Shylee returned to the team this week and her height and experience was welcomed with all girls looking for her to throw to. 

They showed coach Deb that they do listen at training with Emily B, Chloe, Shylee and Maddy performing a training drill down the centre of the court to bring the ball down to the Bears attack, unfortunately like most of the day the ball just didn’t want to go into the ring. 

Emily B played well and will have sore fingers from always just getting a touch on the ball to create turnovers. Elli once again was able to read the play and able to intercept many times. 

Chaye was a great support in the centre with strong leads at all centre passes, this was paired with Chloe who showed aggression and always fought for the ball. 

Lara kept running into space which provided an option for the girls to throw to. 

Molly also played well in the midcourt always defending the ball. 

In the last quarter Alani and Emily C worked really well together in the goals and kept feeding it in to each other. 

The Bears turned the ball over many times unfortunately and just couldn’t get it all the way down the court and into the goals. 

Awards: Subway: Shylee Brown, McDonalds: Lara Gatty-Hayes, Crusty Loaf: Maddy Purtell.