Around the greens

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Club Mulwala Outdoor Bowls

Another great week for bowls, and the finals are upon us.

Pennant Result

Tuesday A2 was at home to near neighbours YMGCR, a close game all day with the team

in front when it mattered. A good finish to a very frustrating season.

B1 was away to YMGCR.

Some very competitive bowls played, with our team able to hold on and be in front when it mattered, now on to the finals.

We will travel to Benalla on Tuesday to meet Yarrawonga in the qualifying final.

Saturday saw the finals begin with both our sides engaged in qualifying finals.

B2 travelled to Corowa RSL to take on Benalla, winning 2 out of 3 rinks and coming home with a strong win.

They now go straight to the Grand Final in a couple of weeks.

B5 travelled to Corowa Civic to take on Corowa RSL.

Strong performances on two rinks were able to cover the third rink who struggled all day, a great team effort to come away with the win. They are also now straight through to the Grand Final.

What a great performance from both our teams however the job is not yet finished, keep focused.

A big thanks must go to our members Graham, Cliff, Helen, Anita and Judy, who stayed at our club on duty for the Yarrawonga YMGCR A1 final, your dedication to our club is greatly appreciated.

Club Event

The ladies 21up final has been completed with Bev Norwood successful over Nola Mongor. Congratulations to both players and all who entered.

The men’s 21up final has also been completed with John Thurling successful over Graeme Arnold. Congratulations to you both and to all those who entered.

Pennant Practice

There will be a practice session for all available players on Saturday 23 at 9.30am, please come along if you can.

Club Mulwala Indoor Bowls

Results for Monday February 11.

A general meeting was held before bowling started.

Club fours start on Monday night February 18.

Only 2 games of 8 ends we played owing to the meeting.

Winners with 30 pts were Barb Eberle – Chris Liberg – John Ellis – Lyn Ryan.

Runners up with 29pts were Anne McKain – Annie King – Wilf Owen.

Encouragement award with 5pts were Brian Robertson – Lynne Harmer – Joan Wilson.

Results for Thursday February 14.

Winners with 34pts were Anne McKain – Marna Tomlinson – Wilf Owen – Noelene Leary.

Runner Up with 32pts were Ellen Buckley – Pat Crothers – Jan Stephens.

Encouragement award with 6pts were Reg Bryce – Christine Wilson – Lyn Ryan.

Tricia and Gwen went to Corowa on Thursday to the Pennant meeting, pennant starts on Thursday April 4.

Our bowlers would like to wish Tricia a speedy recovery after her hip replacement on Monday.


Finals fever has arrived at YMGCR. 

Fielding 5 teams in the finals series and achieving an amazing 50% of teams competing at this end of the season, is no mean feat. 

It gives all us non-finals playing bowlers the opportunity to get behind our teams and cheer them on at their various venues. 

The teams would really appreciate your support. 

Venues will be found on the team selection boards, so get a car load together and come on down. Go Border.

Barefoot Bowls

Again a full field of 96 bowlers who braved really chilly conditions for another great night of bowls. 

Winners for Round 3 were: Purtles, Michael’s Mob, Mulwala Fire Brigade, Lions, Limestone Jacks, Fallons, Thales, Kanga’s, Virgins, Nutters, Bee Bees and Fish Camp Ski.

Progressive ladders - 

Section 1 - Purtles, Michael’s Mob and MUL Fire Brigade are all in a winning position.

Section 2 - Fallons, Yarra SES and Limestone Jacks lead the way.

Section 3 - Jimmy’s, Kanga’s and Fish Camp Ski are in the lead.

Section 4 - Hopefuls, Bee Bees and Nutters lead this section.

Many of these leaders play each other which will make for some great matches.

For Sale

Uniform Chairperson Marcia has hats, socks and hat bands for sale. Catch up with her at the club.


Special thanks to stalwart Ian (Wicky) Holmes for his sponsorship of the newest addition to the club.

Results this week 

Tuesday, February 12 - Midweek Pennant.

A1 - YMGCR 88 defeated Wodonga 48.

L Smith 29/18, A Miles 26/15, R Irvine 33/15.

A2 - Club Mulwala 83 defeated YMGCR 65.

K Kinnane 26/22, P Lidgerwood 18/24, R Hummel 21/37.

A3 - YMGCR 90 defeated Wodonga 55.

B Liddell 26/19, D McNeill 34/14, S Rempel 30/22.

B1 - YMGCR 62 lost to Mulwala 69.

I Cumming 26/25, I Morffew 19/24, T Durkin 17/20.

B2 - YMGCR/Mulwala 104 defeated Myrtleford 52.

G Fisher 42/13, Mulwala 36/21, J McGough 26/16.

Wednesday, February 13 - Men’s 2 Bowl Triples.

Winners - Yarrawonga (R Tait, J Mc Walter, R Jeffcot).

Runners Up - Wangaratta (L Quarterman, W Hall, C Kerris).

1st Game - L Vinnecomb (Cobram).  2nd Game - C Bowden (Barooga).

3rd Game - B Liddell (YMGCR).   4th Game - P Summerill (Corowa RSL).

Sponsors this month - Focus Gym and Bigger Furniture Floorworld.

Saturday, February 16 - Weekend Pennant Finals.

A1 - YMGCR 109 defeated Yarrawonga 76.

R Irvine 33/18, L Spencer 29/21, G Sanders 21/17, J Lefevre 26/20.

B2 - YMGCR 66 defeated Corowa RSL 58.

I Morffew 22/15, J McGough 21/18, B Butterworth 23/25.

Upcoming Events 

Tuesday, February 19 - Midweek Pennant Finals & Barefoot Bowls. 

Wednesday, February 20, 21, 22 - Bernie Bott Tournament. 

Saturday, February 23 - Weekend Pennant

Tuesday, February 26 - Midweek Pennant

Good bowling and stay healthy.

Yarrawonga Bowls

Pennant results

Midweek pennant February 12 – A1 played Benalla and lost with just 1 rink getting up. 

B1 played Wareena Park and lost with 1 rink having a draw.

A1 finished third on the ladder and B1 finished 1st, a great effort by all.

By the time this goes to print, the Midweek A1 and B1 will have played their first final. Results for these games will be in next week’s report.

We wish both teams good bowling in the finals.

Weekend Pennant- February 16.

The A1 team played YMGCR in the Elimination Final at Club Mulwala. Unfortunately YMGCR were too good on the day coming out the winners.

We wish YMGCR all the best for the rest of the finals.

We congratulate the weekend A1 team for getting into the finals finishing third. Well done to all that played or filled in to get them there.

Maybe next year we can go even further.

We have almost completed the Club Championships for the year.

The Open Club Triples and fours are just waiting on the final to be played.

Results for the past week were –

Monday February 11 winners – J Hermassoo and C Gentle. Runners Up – M Tuttleby and J Park.

The jackpot was claimed by L Lockhead and M Millson.

Wednesday was cancelled due to low numbers. A few people put 2 teams together and had a fun game anyway (they played for approximately 2 hours).

We are sorry that we must cancel some games at times, we need a certain number of people to run these games and during this busy bowling period we cannot always get the numbers.

Thursday, February 13 – Twilight Bowls was played and the winners on the night were D Marshall and D Gavin. Runners Up – G Lawless and C Carlson.

Next week’s games are Monday 2-4-2 and Wednesday jackpot triples. These games start at 12.30pm and names need to be down by 11am on the day. 

Twilight Bowls start at 6.30pm with a sausage sizzle beforehand at 6pm. A very popular night and a good time to be had by all. 

To any members that are not well at the moment, we wish you a speedy recovery.

Good bowling, good health and good fellowship to all.

Tungamah Bowls

Weekend Pennant – B1.

Congratulations to Tungamah on making it into the Grand Final with a win over St James at Benalla.

S Flanagan team 27/21, G Sampson 21/18 and R Thomson 14/19 with Tungamah winning overall in a very close encounter with St James.

Tungamah 62 shots to St James 58 shots with Tungamah being 4 shots up at the end of play. Good bowling to all teams playing in the finals next weekend.