Parking frustration

By Shepparton News

Merv McDonald

On July 8, in Shepparton, I tried to use parking meters in Wyndham St, between Knight and Nixon Sts, without success.

Put money in, nothing came up to say I had put money in or how long I was paid for, then read signs saying mobile phone parking.

Welsford St same result.

Went to council office to say I had no mobile phone with me, staff said you could still use coins.

Went back to meter opposite council offices, same result.

So left Shepparton CBD to do my shopping, which I imagine anyone who does not live in Shepparton would have to do if they do not want fines for illegal parking.

It seems council does not want anyone shopping in Shepparton CBD.

Maybe with Coles, Woolworths and IGA out of town it makes sense.

I wrote this letter to paper because the last three letters I sent to council were not answered and I had no response from them.

Perhaps filed in waste paper basket if they query anything pertaining to the council.