Rubbish disgusts

By Shepparton News

I have to say what a disgrace it is the way some people treat our bushlands.

Yesterday I took a walk over the swing bridge near Aquamoves and headed left on the tracks alongside the Goulburn River.

To my dismay, I could not believe the amount of discarded rubbish that I came across.

From drink bottles to mattresses to clothing, I thought I was in the tip, not our local bushland.

Obviously some people are too lazy to take their rubbish home to put it in their bin and find it easier to just throw it away.

Another problem seems to be the number of squatters using the bush as their home.

Discarded clothing and other items were strewn among the bush.

Not a pleasant sight for locals, but I wonder what any visitors to Shepparton would think.

I believe the area needs a big clean up by council and bins installed for people to put their rubbish in.

I am not sure what can be done about the squatters, but rangers do need to patrol the area and insist that rubbish be removed by them.

There might be a cost involved but as a ratepayer I would prefer a walk through bushland and not something that resembles a tip.

- Les Norton, Shepparton